Talking About Your Will Just Got Easier

Talking about your final wishes can be hard. This free guide will teach you how to successfully talk to loved ones about what’s in your will.

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What's in the How to Talk About
Your Legacy Guide

This free guide will teach you four steps to having successful,
meaningful conversations with loved ones about your will. Find out how to:

Plan Ahead

Choose who to talk to and get
ready for those conversations.

Get on the same page with your spouse
(plus what to do if you’re single).

Partner Up
Ask People

Ask people to be your personal representative,
guardian or power of attorney.

Give your helpers the instructions they need
and tell your family about your decisions.

Present the Details

What People Are Saying

"We wanted to have this [will] in place in case something ever happened to us. It took me a total of 20 minutes, max!"

— Alyssa G.

3 Reasons to Use This Guide to
Talk to Your Loved Ones

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